Through A Glass Darkly

Through A Glass Darkly 


Simon/Neuman² Gallery, a six month gallery project is proud to present its third exhibition “Through A Glass Darkly” including Czech artist Jan Tichy, Norwegian artist Thora Dolven Balke and British artist David Terranova.

“Through A Glass Darkly” opens on Thursday May 29, 6-8pm at 540 Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg.

"Through A Glass Darkly", from the Bible (KJV) 1 Corinthians 13:12, refers to glass as a mirror or lens where "seeing through a 'glass' speaks of our understanding of God when we are alive; the view will only be clear when we die". 

The phrase is also famously known as the title of the Swedish film by Ingmar Bergman from 1961, in which four family members act as mirrors for each other, taking place in a single 24 - hour period.
Used in literature, poetry, music, cinema and in Biblical scripts, “Through A Glass Darkly” is again symbiotically reconnected to a visual world. The artists, Jan Tichy (Prague), Thora Dolven Balke (Oslo) and David Terranova (London) each encompass the sensations of wonder, disorientation, happiness and fear.
Jan Tichy, professor of photography at the Art Institute of Chicago, employs darkness, where there is no beginning or end. Where the viewer has stumbled upon the one visible part/object amongst endless night, deciphering whether it is an environment of safety or danger. 
Thora Dolven Balke, currently doing her residency at ISCP, uses light, creating an invisible border, forcing us to focus on the subject as well as to question the event depicted.
Meanwhile, video artist and photographer David Terranova's images concentrate on the larger theme, the never - ending water, field or city. We find a slight indication of human alteration, simultaneously leaving the viewer as  an observer to our overwhelming nature. 

The exhibition is open May 29 - June 28, 2014