Simon/Neuman² Gallery is pleased to present its second exhibition "Undercover"  including American artist Ruvan Wiljesooria and Danish artist Albert Grøndahl.

“Undercover” opens on Thursday April 24, 6-8pm at 540 Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg.

The show expresses the theme of various forms of disguise. Historically the wearer of a mask is considered to be in direct association with the spirit force of the mask and is consequently exposed to personal danger of being affected by it. 

Artists Ruvan Wijesooriya and Albert Grøndahl have touched upon the notion of being covered, consciously as well as unconsciously. Does anonymity manifest itself as positive or negative? Is it a form of liberation or confinement? Does one take part of reality when “altered” and/or covered, and if so are the motives for disguise changing in today’s society? 

The majority of the images by Ruvan Wijesoorya are taken in New York, portraying a slow moment within what seems a chaotic, eccentric surrounding.  His photographs are a compelling reflection of New York City, its ever changing people and situations, presenting the loneliness as well as the community the city has to offer.
Albert Grøndahl, inspired by the raw aesthetics of classical documentarism, captures theatrical moments in order to maintain the unknown and excitement of events, leaving the viewer perplexed and amazed.  

As if answering a question or viewing an object the artists have as a starting point, two different angles and at the same time both circle and explore similar thoughts, which are evidenced in fascination. 

Opening April 24, 6-8pm thru May 25, 2014