Simon/Neuman² Gallery, a six month gallery project is proud to present its fourth exhibition "Automonuments", a solo exhibition by New York based Israeli artist Niv Rozenberg. 

“Automonuments” opens on Thursday July 10, 6-8pm at 540 Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg. 

Not unlike Mondrian's statement regarding his 1942 painting, Broadway Boogie Woogie, "...destruction of natural appearance; and construction through continuous opposition of pure means - dynamic rythm." The photographic images Niv Rozenberg creates allows us to see the urban environment through a new perspective. With New York City and Tel Aviv as his subjects, he "breaks the visual and spatial congestion of the city by constructing an archetypal form, isolated from function and separated from the city's total urban structure." 

Rozenberg's "buildings" have the distinction of being visually perfected fora world in which there are no boundaries, a world as we imagine it, if not now, then in the future? This continuation of space that suits the eye and compels the viewer to look again, just to be certain that the first impression was correct, imparts a totally realistic image while in fact being totally surrealistic. 

"This monument of the 20th century is the Automonument, and its purest manifestation is the skyscraper" - Rem Koolhaas

The exhibition is open July 10 - Aug 9, 2014