Previous Artists


Pablo Frisk, born 1985, is a Swedish artist/photographer based in Brooklyn. 

"I delve into the relationships between foreign cultures and captured moments. Since graduating from ICP, I have also worked for clients such as; Vogue Magazine,,, British Vogue, GQ, NY Mag, Cover Magazine Germany, Next Models, Mikas, and Daniel Wellington." Pablo Frisk



David Adika was born in Jerusalem in 1970. He works and lives in Tel-Aviv - Yaffo.

"My photographs are a by-product of the reality of my life. They deal with my personal biography, the collective memory of the society in which I live, and tie political reality to social reality… For me they are a photographic moment—a specific event of beauty realized in the mechanical photographic act that will fix it forever as a photograph…In the photographs, the difference is set in motion like an echo that is simultaneously present and absent, real and imagined, hidden and on display for all to see." David Adika



Susan Morelock grew up in Pennsylvania, and currently lives and works in New York City.

"Working within the genres of landscape, still-life and abstraction, the photographs in Lakes shirk their indexical responsibilities in favor of an impulse more akin to montage. Whereas the photographic frame has traditionally been utilized to point to a thing in the world, this project divorces the elements of that reciprocal relationship." Susan Morelock



Born 1985 in Copehagen, Denmark. He currently lives in Copenhagen and Antwerp.

"I will not begin to take pictures before I have struck some kind of relationship with the people I am with, based on mutual trust. And I will keep coming back until I have emptied this place and these relationships of visual and narrative possibilities." 



Born 1977 in Minnesota, USA. He currently works and lives in New York City.

"My vision consistently and seamlessly blur the lines between life, art and commerce in subject areas ranging from landscapes to fashion, music to flowers. My photographs tell stories and express sentiment, my approach is immediate, genuine and curious."    



Born 1982 in Norway. Thora lives and works between New York and Norway. 

"My photographs, in the form of polaroids and photographic albums as well as films, suggest a diaristic, subjective approach to image-making that is not clear about the level of fiction the photographs contain. The photographic works and their sculptural counterparts simultaneously focus on the mechanical and human aspects to image-making and the conflict of trying to reconcile the two". 



Born in 1983 in Rome, he moved and grew up in London until his late 20's. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn. 

"Working with a wide variety of formats within the world of video such as documentaries, live concert visuals, experimental visuals for the music and fashion industries, I find photography to be a peaceful escape from the technical challenges I deal with on a daily basis with video. Taken during travels, my photography simply expresses personal moments of adventure and tranquility away from the chaos." 



Born 1977 in Prague, Czech Republic. He is the adjunct assistant professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he lives and works. 



Born 1980 in Israel. Niv currently works and lives in New York City.

"My work explores complexities within the urban environment, by focusing on the essential large-scale and unavoidable congestion. In Automonuments I use photography and digital manipulation in order to isolate visual perspectives of high-rise buildings in New York City and Tel Aviv. This exaggerated view allows me to break the visual and spatial congestion of the city by creating an archetypal form, isolated from function and separated from the city's total urban structure. This work does not document reality but reconstructs it, creating a view that cannot be seen, an intensification of reality".