On Its Way

On Its Way

Simon/Neuman² Gallery, a new six-month gallery project for contemporary art photography, is proud to present its inaugural exhibition, “On its Way” including artists Pablo Frisk, David Adika and Susan Morelock. This will be the first of four contemporary photography exhibitions this season. 

The first exhibition, "On Its Way", opens on Thursday March 20th, 6-8pm at 540 Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg. The show articulates the versatility of these three artists approach to movement, duration of time, space, and feeling. It questions the viewer, whether we are in motion or static, or if it is the environment that is in flux. Each of these artists has a very personal and different method, from the perspective of geography and gender.  



Pablo Frisk, a Brooklyn based Swedish artist, exhibits works that originate in India from an expedition taken in 2013, and are from his encounters with individual’s that are literally on their way. The hidden questions “from where?” “to where?” both in reality and metaphysically can be felt between the stares and smiles of his subjects.

David Adika, from Israel, is represented by images of nature that have in their context the sense of time passage. Here, the determination of scale throws the viewer into an indefinable position by achieving the result of curiosity, unpredictability, growth and movement.

Susan Morelock, an American artist, presents work completed during the past three years. Her images recreate a world that lies between reality and the abstract. These abstractions continually open up the possibility of motion, whether emotional or physical.


Opening March 20th 6-8pm thru April 20th 2014 


For further information:

Aviva Neuman, owner/director