About the gallery

Simon/Neuman² Gallery

Simon/Neuman² Gallery is a new six-month gallery project for contemporary art photography, featuring the work of emerging artists as well as established artists from around the world. The objective of Simon/Neuman² Gallery is to create an alternative space to Chelsea/Lower East Side galleries, where a younger generation will have the opportunity to collect affordable original art as well as exposing experienced collectors to new ideas.  

Simon/Neuman² Gallery is a revival of a family gallery, Simon/Neuman, established on the Upper East Side in 1985, by owner/director Aviva Neuman's parents. While the original gallery exhibited artists such as William Kentridge, James Bishop, and Thomas Lawson, along with works from the Bauhaus period, Simon/Neuman² Gallery is taking up the mantle and reformulating this tradition by presenting work that excites an ever-changing art world view. Aviva Neuman, having an American and European background, brings this frame of mind to her gallery program by introducing a new avant-garde within contemporary photography.


Simon/Neuman² Gallery's six month gallery project has been completed. We will appear in near future with new exciting projects. For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the gallery.